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A high-performance facial treatment with long-lasting effects in the fight against premature signs of skin aging. It utilizes the purest and most concentrated form of gray caviar in the form of a multi-segment mask applied to problematic areas of the face.
The mask's ingredients possess strong antioxidant and hydrating properties, stimulating tissue and continuously renewing cells.
The face is rejuvenated and deeply moisturized, with redefined contours.
Wrinkles are effectively erased with a long-lasting effect that will last for days after the treatment.

Duration: 50 minuta
Price: €72



SILHOUETTE MASSAGE is a unique combination of anti-cellulite techniques designed to meet the needs of clients and based on our professional team’s experience.

To achieve the desired results, SILHOUETTE MASSAGE combines:

  • Manual massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Abdominal massage

SILHOUETTE MASSAGE is adapted to clients' individual needs, depending on the type of cellulite and the affected region.

The massage is performed using 100% natural creams, gels, essential oils, and oil serums with a wide range of pure essential oils.

Bring your figure to perfection in a completely new manner with SILHOUETTE MASSAGE.

For the optimal number of procedures for the desired result, consult the professional team of Splendid Spa therapists.

Duration: 40 minutes
Price: €70


A perfect alternative to a classical facelifting and fillers for all those who want a natural and holistic anti-ageing.
A natural face, neck and décolleté lifting.

  • improves circulation, 
  • releases emotional stress 
  • relieves jaw tension
  • redefines sagging muscles and improves muscle tone
  • improves facial contours 
  • reduces strong facial expressions
  • applied also in post-stroke rehabilitation in order to reverse muscle atrophy, relieve migraine pain
  • tighten the sagging skin of the double chin, neck and décolleté.

60 min| 62,00€



From now on, the latest Skeyndor body treatment based on the so-called cosmetic drone technology is available at the Splendid Spa & Wellness Center. The cosmetic drone is currently the most advanced system for precise targeting of cells that active ingredients are placed into and released.
The principle of work: The drone penetrates the skin, the ligand selects the target cell, the capsule binds itself to the receptor (protein molecule), and the drone penetrates the cell by the endocytosis process (the introduction of macromolecules and solutions into the cell), the active ingredients are released in a controlled way inside the cell due to the biocompatible polymer.


INDICATIONS: Sagging skin, soft cellulite
ACTION: Firming anti-cellulite treatment with strong antifibrotic effects. It helps reduce fat infiltration into the dermis, with an anti-inflammatory effect, restructuring the tissue and improving tone, elasticity, and firmness.
The treatment contains:
1) Glycolic acid 32%, for chemical exfoliation. It removes the surface - dead skin layer and allows for better absorption of the active ingredients.
2) A concentrate with a firming drone boosting collagen and elastin production, Euglena algae extract activates cellular energy and reduces adipose tissue. The yellow poppy extract has a fibrolytic effect, distributes and reduces adipose tissue, soybean glycoproteins regenerating and firming the skin, caffeine, and derivatives 4%, stimulate the microcirculation, breaking the fatty deposits.
3) A firming mask based on organic silicone, acting against stretch marks, firming the skin and highly-penetrating vitamin C derivatives, firming the skin and boosting collagen production.

DURATION: 60 minutes
PRICE: €73 


INDICATIONS: Hard cellulite, edematous cellulite, fatty deposits
ACTION: Anti-cellulite treatment aimed at reducing adipose tissues and/or water content. It contains a combination of xanthine and carnitine that, together with the anti-cellulite drone (the most advanced patented active ingredients release technology), stimulates the burning of fatty deposits stored in adipocytes. Enriched with artichoke extract, draining and bossing the lipid metabolism as well as with additional plant extracts to strengthen vascular permeability.

The treatment contains:

1) Glycolic acid 32%, for chemical exfoliation, for removal of the surface dead skin layer, and improved active ingredients absorption.
2) A concentrate with the anti-cellulite drone that breaks down and prevents fat deposits, artichoke 5%, stimulates the lymph system, carnitine 3%, burns the fatty deposits and converts fat into energy, caffeine, and derivatives 5%, boosts the microcirculation and burns the fatty deposits.
3) drainage mask based on 5% golden extract and plants with lymphatic drainage effect and dandelion 5% which drains and remineralises the skin.

DURATION: 60 minutes
PRICE: €73


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